Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mid Term Report Card

G Henry

Shows improvement in specialist area. Would benefit from coaching his coaches.

W Smith

Seems confused about basic concepts. Some unfortunate results regarding trying to play Joe into form but will avoid detention if he stops hedging about Dan. May need an early vacation.

S Hanson

Lacks the 3 R's. Restarts, Rolling and Retention. The lineout is now the key restart in the game. He has to get it right. The rolling maul found him out v France, but why oh why have we not used it ourselves? Ball retention and recycling (4 R's) is slow, slow, slow...Wayne is underperforming but is not assisted by fat Steve.

R Deans

2-0 in 2009. Has only won 3 of 8 encounters in the Tri Nations since he arrived. May achieve a pass mark yet. But not a great start.

P De Villiers

Is crazy. He must have some awesome assistant coaches. We know he has a great captain. How will the Boks fare on the road? This tournament is not won at home.

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Rhett said...

For once I enjoyed a Chris Rattue article... it was on the Boks. Great quote: "This is a brilliant Springbok side. Until they try to pass the ball."

He also implied his "contacts" informed him John Smit was the real Bok coach.

I agree that the All Black coaches seem confused. They talk it up about wanting to play and attacking game, but then don't even have the best attacking wing (Masaga) of the last two years in NZ in their squad. I say that we keep the faith against Aussie but if we lose... wholesale changes reqired.