Friday, August 28, 2009

For the Cyber Junky

With news breaking today that Cyber junkies can unplug at US retreat I got to wondering. My foray into Face Book this year was quite an eye opener. I had no idea people were spending so much of their lives there - some of things that I noticed:

  • Status updates as a cry for help
  • Lots of time being spent on games, quizzes etc
  • Chat, chat, chat
  • Wall conversations that were publicly viewable and sometimes shouldn't be

Lots of it is just fun and another way of keeping in touch with people. But I wondered if the sentiment from the Cyber Junkie monastics applies to more than just children:

"Computers and the Internet are also parent-sanctioned refuges for children eager to escape hard knocks that are usually part of growing up."

Not sure - perhpas like most neutral passtimes, its a matter of degree and focus - definitely a trap there for some people. I reserve my greatest scorn for posturing, self-important bloggers...

Of course what I really got wondering about was Nigel's recent retreat and his obvious technology addiction and Rhett's forthcoming retreat relative to his status as a recovering blogging addict and current Call of Duty binge killer. Just saying.


Nige said...

Not addicted, just wanted to share my journey with others. I didn't check facebook or Twitter for 48 hrs. Or does my pathetic justification just prove that I am an addict and need to play with my virtual friends (as my wife puts it). Maybeito have hundreds of friends on FB because I want proof that I am not Nigel no friends. Pastor, help me ;)

BJ said...

I'd like to help, but the fact you're reading this means we both have a problem...

Steve Goble said...

Just read this at 3:19am. Just spent the past hour catching-up on reading the past month's posts, since I've been so busy lately that I had to drop blog-reading.

Rhett's blog was disturbingly quick.