Friday, March 13, 2009


I saw an ad that was very effective today. It has this woman who is transported from her office setting to go "walkabout" - she moves from becoming "Kate Middleton, Executive VP of etc etc" to "Kate". All through this process of a holiday. It was nicely done. Happy to go to Australia if anyone wants to shout me there!

It's a great commentary though on what advertisers think will sell. Discover yourself. Get unbusy. Interesting messages to be sending.

A friend recently reported a comment to me from a high ranking person in the Baptist church to the effect that they have never known people within churches to be so time poor as they are right now. Another commentary on busyness.

So right now I am busy. In a fruitful kind of way. Mostly. One or 2 areas I have bitten off a bit more than I can chew. I don't mind being busy in pursuit of something good.

But I am very grateful for the Sabbath I keep on a Monday. I am very grateful for the season of lent and the way cessioncommunity is resourcing this journey. It makes a difference for me. I am enjoying the Lent musings of our secret lent blogger and seeing much of my journey mirrored there. I am grateful for the oases along the way.

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Sandy Lake Wesleyan Church said...

brett, good post. and challenging...

'time poor' seems to have taken root in almost every corner of the world. and yet i ask - why?

technology was supposed to save us time; instead, it seems to create in us a hunger to accomplish even more. to push ourselves to the point of exhaustion in search of, well - accomplishment.

but what exactly are we accomplishing when we lose our margin and neglect our boundary?

i believe many give in to this unreasonable hurriedness as a means of keeping up with those who have no margin. we think, "if i don't keep up, i'll be left behind or left out." and no one wants to feel that.

unfortunately, however, we're often pursuing a pace that costs people their walk with God, their relationship with family, and many of the things we should hold most dear.

'time poor.' may God help us, as children of God, model boundary and margin in a world run amok with hurriedness.

great post, bro. hope you're great. (and due to the nature of this post and response, please feel NO RESPONSIBILITY to respond to me right away, or ever for that matter! hahaha!)