Thursday, January 08, 2009

Beneath the Surface

There are lots of opinions out there on the whole Israel-Palestine thing - the why's of various participants. This may be one of the less informed views! But hey call me cynical, call me whatever you want but this is how I see it:

  • The "why" of Israel (apart from the terrorist acts of the Palestinian militants) is in the timing - political expedience with upcoming elections - the sacrifice of human lives for political goals.
  • The "why" of Hamas in failing to curb its militant tendencies (apart from the terror pay off that outweighs the deaths caused) is in the publicity - why would Hamas push Israel to retaliation? It makes better international press for their cause - the sacrifice of human lives for political goals.
  • And then today some sad protestors at the ASB Tennis Classic in Auckland - protesting professional tennis player Israeli Shahar Peer's involvement - Global Peace and Justice aka John Minto, parading the so-called "developing international consensus" for a sport boycott - which right now doesn't exist so GPJ are on a limb with this one - local influence being leveraged by international tragedy through unilateral action not yet justified by international consensus - there may be a place for boycotts through sport but you do it with the accountability of international consensus when the protection of one group's rights involves the infringement of another person's rights - the sacrifice of one person's rights ostensibly for the rights of others.

Each group has an "end" which is in some sense justifiable. Each group selects means that are not defensible. It's the sad reality of these kinds of conflicts - ideology trumping justice.


Vipers Lips said...

Minto is a pillock. Peer is not a legitimate target for protest. By all means protest the Gaza issues (suggest the embassy would be a good spot). I'd be the last person to quench freedom of speech. But his reported comment on her "eagerness to complete her own military service" shows what a dick he is. Whatever he might think about Israel, Peer's desire to compete in the tennis or whatever, this young woman should not be criticised for serving in her country's armed forces (which is a requirement anyway). The Gaza issue is not about Israel's right to have a standing army or not. Minto does not speak for me nor my country which is now ridiculed on the international stage by his bizarre performance.

Good post. You should have just been harder on Minto. You know you wanted to.

BJ said...

I hear you. Minto's comments came after this post but it does tend to suggest a degree of grandstanding that is out of step with where actual international consensus is right now. I also have read quotes from Peer demonstrating her commitment to break down barriers through sport. She was for the example the first Israeli to play in an Arab country, Qatar. Now while Qatar is not Lebanon(!) one could say its a start - differences being overcome and diversity being celebrated on the sports field? Its as least a valid choice as might be the option of withdrawing in protest. Minto may say its not personal but the the tenor of his comments has been to demonise this young person because she doesn't agree with him.

Rhett said...

I check in often
Yet updates are somewhat scarce
A desolate waste

"Reqiuem for a Blog" by Rhett Snell.

BJ said...

I just don't have much to say...I will try to get deep or satirical real soon...