Monday, August 11, 2008

The Doggy Prayer

I mentioned human sentience as being at the root of the human search for identity on Sunday. And indeed the whole notion of free will exercises atheists and Christians alike. But what about dogs? We always give Rhys the option of what prayer he will pray at bedtime - we have a number of prayers that are mostly named by him and instigated by him. Recently it was the doggy prayer:

Dad: So what prayer do you want to pray?

Rhys: The doggy prayer

Dad: The Boz prayer?

Rhys: No the doggy prayer

Dad: OK [I've learned to go along with these things...]

Rhys: Thank you God as this day ends woof woof

For my family and my friends woof woof

Taking time to sit and pray woof woof

Thank you God for this great day woof woof

Dad: Thank you for Rhys...

Rhys: No, I'm a doggy not Rhys

Dad: Thank you for Rhys the doggy...

Together: Amen!


Rhett said...

You have the cutest kids.

When Sarah and I have kids, the better damn well measure up.


Rhett said...

Ahem... *they*.

jeanie said...


Jack said...

Brilliant photo - gotta be a prize winner I reckon.

BJ said...

I googled it.

My boy is way cuter.

And we don't have a dog.

I'm tossing up whether to enlighten the blogging world on his latest piece of wisdom - a 3 year olds take on the difference between boys and girls.

Anonymous said...

enlighten us!
I have great fun with my 16 year old cousin reminding him of when I used to bath him and he stood up and said 'boys have... and girls have feijoas!'. hilarious!

Canterbury Atheists said...

Damn shame those guys that wrote The Bible didn’t mention anything about animals going to heaven. So the Heaven Holiday Inn is full when our cherished pets depart, all the rooms are taken up with human souls, who have booked the joint out for eternity. So you could hardly expect the family moggy to wait around in reception, eh? It’s Hell Camp instead for these soulless beasts, that's if you believe in all that Bible stuff. What ever you do don’t tell your kids this horrible revelation! It’ll break their hearts knowing they can never catch-up with Fido on the other side. Cheers. Paul.

servant said...

*cough* idiot *cough*

Anonymous said...

I'm not as subtle as Frank. Paul - are you trying to deal with a very small bodily part?