Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The One Year Old

Raegan Emma Claire was ONE today! She had a Happy Birth-day largely on account of her special gift to her parents: sleeping through the night! She then proceeded to develop a chesty cold as the day went on and it doesn't look like tonight will be as good a night's sleep...highlights of the day for Raegan included her new "Little People" house which she has very much enjoyed playing with (when her big brother will let her) and her full contact experience with Chocolate cake!

The photo really says it all about Raegan - she is a very smiley, good-natured person - a grin is never far from her face. She loves people in a way that is different from Rhys - he loves their attention - she's happy with their company. That said she'll take attention when its offered!

She is taking her first steps these past weeks. Mad dashes between people and objects, often capped with a desperate lunge. Words like "baby", "bye", "Ta" and "amen(!)" are amongst her repertoire. The last "amen" is not in any way due to an excess of spirituality but rather her love of food! Her first recognisable sound/word was "mmmmmmm" - which for her meant food. So she will often say "amen" before grace, so eager is she to eat.

She is both curious and determined. Quite the climber - in fact she climbed one of our flights of stairs recently when someone left the gate open... When she sees something she wants to explore or grab she will make for it with single-minded intent and climb over or through anything thats in her way!

She's quite happy rough-housing as well - comes from having an active little brother! But they are great mates and at this stage at least will happily play together for much of the time. We are very fortunate to have such wonderful children - Happy Birthday Raegan!

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Anonymous said...

She's a beauty! And well-loved by her papa and granny!! Thanks for your post on our precious NZ blessings.
(Have to send this through as 'anonymous' because Chris can't remember his Google/Blogger name and password.)