Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Are You Psssst?

There is a new craze sweeping the country. Its largely a response to people using words that mean nothing. There words have become known as pssst aerosol words. With the recognition of the polluting effects of aerosol words on common decency and good sense, so there has come a need to distinguish one's own buy-in to the use of words, that one still has to use in order to be understood or at least properly misunderstood by normal people. This distinguishing act is known as "psssst".

"pssst" is similar to the use of double inverted commas being signified by the use of both hands either side of the head with the index and middle fingers extended and then flexed/double pumped. pssst is accompanied by the movement of one hand from immediately beside the mouth to a position approximately one foot away from the mouth, while the index finger is depressed downward as if activating an aerosol can.

Many will actually say the word pssst before mentioning the potentially psssst aerosol word. Others just do the action and move on without any sibilant utterance. Its incredibly liberating to be freed from the judgment of others who might otherwise think you are a sheep of the worst kind simply following the ideas of the masses without exercising any critical thought.

Try it - get pssst!

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