Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Travelogue

So we made it to Michigan, USA intact! The flights were mostly good. The inflight entertainment system almost led to a meltdown for Rhys - small tactical error by his parents in letting him watch his personal TV for tooooo long - (a) he got too tired (b) he got addicted.

The basinet was excellent for Raegan especially when she would peek out over the top just to check we were still there.

But flights, meals, transfers etc - all went well.

We arrived in Lansing to a surprise appearance by both of Kristen's brothers families at the airport which was great. Then the cousins proceeded to make each other's acquaintance into the early hours of the morning! Kristen was especially excited to meet her new nephew Cole.

There is snow on the ground here, so on day 1 we went outside and did winter passtime things. Built a Boz snowman. Went on sled rides! Rhys loved most of it but wasn't too sure about snow on his face!

I then went to Asbury - see separate post.

Sunday morning we went to church at Lansing Faith, where Brandon Bruce is the new senior pastor. It was a fun but focused Christmas service which was great to be part of with the family. Jennifer, Brandon's wife is Brent Dongell's sister - and Brent is heading over to NZ in '08 to work with cessioncommunity - we are going to meet up with Brandon and Jennifer to get the complete dossier on Brent - things like childhood traumas, foods he dislikes and general phobias...

Today its off to Traverse City for Christmas Day celebrations with nearly the whole family. Its very much a white Christmas here, with snow storms all over the place. The trip should be interesting!

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