Monday, November 26, 2007

The Three Wise Men

As the deadline for expressions of interest in the AB coach's role approaches, there is one question on everyone's mind: will Henry reapply? Many would say who cares, but I would say he should AND should get the job. Why? He lost us the World cup you moron! Well first, we didn't lose the World Cup, we just didn't win it. England lost it.

Second, its can't be all about the World Cup. And I'm not thinking 2007 - I'm thinking 2011. We have developed an unhealthy obsession with RWC and reappointing Henry would do 2 things to get us back in balance:

1. It sends the message that World Cup failure does not mean the AB's are an unsuccessful team and by extension its coach may not be unsuccessful coach. Only one team can win and it won't always be us - so why consign our best coach to the rubbish heap every time?

2. But more importantly, it would allow Henry to continue with a team that is already been hit by high profile departures, for say 1-2 years. Appoint Robbie Deans as backs coach and take your pick of Colin Cooper or Steve Hansen for a forwards coach. THEN appoint the next coach for a period that takes him beyond the World Cup in 2011. In other words, don't make the World Cup the focus of the new coach's career either.

My new coaching/selection panel? Henry, Deans & Cooper. Its a pity Gatland has gone already - putting Dean and Gatland head to head for the next round would have been excellent.

But the question remains: will Henry apply? He has till 5pm to do so.


Rhett said...

I wonder if Deans would be willing to work with Henry?

BJ said...

So he applied after all!

Its pretty common knowledge Deans won't work with Hanson. I wonder whether that's why Hanson didn't apply? Maybe the continuity option is a possibility but Deans is in the mix regardless of being head coach or not - that would make it a waste of time for Hanson. You'd think that Henry knows he has a shot or he wouldn't have applied.

'Twill be interesting...

the ROCK says said...

I really, really , REALLY hope that Henry gets the job. The poor guy was robbed this year by Wayne Barnes and I would love to see him get the opportunity to silence his critics.

Really don't like Deans... I mean really, who starts an AB team with 13 Cantabs??? And insists on selecting Caleb Ralph all the time. Tana Umaga's book didn't really portray him and Mitchell in a great light either and I'd put a lot of weight in what that guy says.

GO HENRY!!!....hehehe