Friday, October 26, 2007

The Radical Middle

I like these words from a friend of mine in Australia...I'm an accidental Wesleyan, but glad to have found the radical middle:

"I think people choose the Wesleyan Church because it’s theology places it at the "radical middle". The radical middle is a place where the movement of the Holy Spirit is emphasised but not at the expense of character change; a place where worship is emphasised but not to the exclusion of the Word; a place of evangelism and discipleship; of meeting and mission; of sanctification and service. "

Lex Akers
Sth Qld District Superintendent


Steve said...

I like the quote, Brett. I think Wesley himself occupied the radical middle.

So what's the chemistry chart for?

BJ said...

Some of the molecules are radicals :)

Anonymous said...

Bloody intelligent jokes!

Sometimes I wish I was smarter so I didn't have to pretend that I get them :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting quote. Does Lex Akers have a blog?

Anonymous said...