Monday, October 01, 2007

The Prophet's Record

So a prophet should always be judged by his record which is why the Benny Hinn's of this world are fakes. But this prophet didn't quite get it right either - my May predictions for the quarter finals of the RWC were:

QF 1: Australia v England - OK so I got this right - too close to call - Aussie are not playing badly, but they underperformed against Canada - England are improving (the only way is up) and may just have too much firepower in the forwards

QF2: NZ v France - Argentina added some heat to the pool of death and Ireland wilted - we get our bogie team France instead - I say we just blow them off the park as a long overdue revenge for '99

QF 3: South Africa v Fiji - so the boys from the valleys went down in the final match to the Bula Boys - meaning SA will have a sterner test from Fiji than Wales would have given them

QF 4: Argentina v Scotland - by topping their pool the Argies get the easiest route to the semis...and the most likely ticket home after the semi against SA

So I picked 5 out of 8 teams which is another way of saying that I missed all 3 of the teams that were harder to pick given that NZ, SA, AUS, France and England were always going to go through.

Guess that means its time for me to start an international healing ministry...

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