Monday, October 22, 2007

Final Selection RWC XV

Watched most of the snorefest final. Missed the last bit while with Rhys at Thomas "Live on Stage" Tank Engine - definitely the more entertaining option. Guess the best way to win a world cup is to (a) create an impregnanble defensive shield (b) select boring limited players who can achieve this (c) get a good kicker...

As for any gloating South Africans - congratulations - but I'd feel cheated if I were you - after all who did you beat? Fiji - Argentina - England - with all due respect: no one - not your fault and you can only play who they put in front of you, but I'd be feeling a bit hollow...prepare for another Tri Nations hiding in 2008...

Now for the final World Cup XV, with comments:

1. Andrew Sheridan - the outstanding loosehead and most dominating individual performance
2. John Smit (c) - returns after a good final performance and as my captain
3. Carl Hayman - scrapes in ahead of Vickery and Jalil
4. Ali Williams - outstanding lock of the tournament - what was Nucifora thinking?
5. Victor Matfield - the money man
6. Yannick Nyanga - a storming game in a losing team - Serge who? Jerry who?
7. Richie McCaw - not at his best, but still the best
8. Sisa Koyamaibole - the dominating no 8 performance among many tradesmen
9. Fourie Du Preez - player of the tournament
10. Juan Martin Hernandez - a poor semi but played well in the playoff - the most complete 1st five on display
11. Brian Habana - some good competition for this position but he holds them out
12. Francois Steyn - made some good breaks and has some size about him - Contemponi close
13. Matthew Tait - the most promising in a world cup year that failed to inspire at centre
14. Takudzwa Ngwenya - still the try of the tournament, standing up Habana
15. Percy Montgomery - reliable in an average field - Mils is better but apparently he's a centre


BJ said...

As an aside, NZ scored 48 tries in this world despite exiting in the first round. The second placed try scorer won the final but managed to score 15 less tries...

Rhett said...

Bring on the new rules. Boo to the organisers for creating a draw where one upset resulted in a lopsided finals stage. For the Jappies this has to have been the easiest World Cup victory ever.

Oh it makes me sick to my stomach. At one point I almost supported England. For a few minutes. Four more years of hearing Saffas accuse the All Blacks of arrogance and stealing players from the Islands... and gloating about winning the Cup.

There is this slimey arrogance to Jake White and some of his players that is offputting. I did support the Jappies in the final (did anyone but the Poms support the English?) but when they won I felt all dirty for it.

Oh well.

P.S, I would only say this on YOUR blog.

BJ said...

Let it out...

BJ said...

Name the team that has failed to score any tries in winning 2 World Cup finals...

the ROCK says said...

I was quietly supporting England on the basis that if they won... evryone would know what a farce the tournament really was.

Can't wait for Wayne Barnes to come to NZ to ref a