Monday, June 11, 2007

Benny and the

So, Benny Hinn is in New Zealand. Its not the first time he's appeared on this blog - For interesting insights on other blogs I follow, try Frank's Letter to Benny or Rhett's Benny TV

Apparently, Hinn has been saying some not very nice things to people at his rallies - if the Herald is be believed:

"Shut up. You cannot be speaking when I am preaching. Nobody can do that here. We cannot allow people to be speaking back to me when I am ministering the word," Hinn yelled...
Another churchgoer was also humiliated in front of the 7000-strong audience, this time a lone man, who was discovered wandering around the auditorium.
"Would you please find a seat? You must understand, distraction kills the anointing and I won't allow no one to distract me, so sit down now. I am not going to change," Hinn snapped."

There is something about that which just doesn't feel right...its not the first time he's been reported saying stuff like that. Christianity Today reported an even more intense tirade in California back in the 90's:

"Now I'm pointing my finger with the mighty power of God on me. ...You hear this. There are men and women in Southern California attacking me. I will tell you under the anointing now, you'll reap it in your children. You'll never win. ...And you children will suffer. You're attacking me on the radio every night; you'll pay, and your children will. Hear this from the lips of God's servant. You are in danger. Repent, or God Almighty will move his hand. ..."

He's variously accused of heresy and/or deception by various "watchdog" organisations but interestingly has made quite a few public repentances over the years involving a greater grounding in the scriptures and a more Christological focus. Some remain unconvinced. He's also done and said some quite bizarre things - there's quite a celebrated account of him visiting Kuhlman's grave to receive the annointing and a weird word from the Lord where the Holy Spirit apparently revealed that women are supposed to give birth trhough their sides! But the stories as with many other public figures have reached mythic proportions.

Anyways, he's easy to observe on TV if you don't want to wait in the queues of people that will take the time and money to seek his presence. And you can join in praying for a financial miracle so that his TV programme will remain on the air (Benny sell the jet).

One thing seems clear: people will pay a big price for hope.

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Steve Deur said...

I need a financial miracle so I am sowing a $1,000 seed in Jonesboy. What is the pay off - I mean blessing?

Be healed my brotha!