Sunday, May 13, 2007

My Italian Name

I think this is the best one of the things I've ever done!

Your Italian Name Is...
Lothario Mancini

I've saved certain people the trouble of working out their own Italian names:

Frank Ritchie is Vincentio Mancini
Rhett Snell is Sansone De Luca
Jonathan Read is Giraldo Costa
Steve Deur is Rodrigo De Luca (you guys related?)
Ken de Peal is Massimo Marino

I don't think its for real though - when I entered Leonardo Da Vinci it came up as Cristiano Rossi - surely Leo's Italian name would be his actual name?

{Hat tip to Hope on this one}

1 comment:

Ken DePeal said...

Hey Brett, Massimo here...

Despite the fact you did it for me already, I did it again myself. This time I was Leonardo Rossi, and then I did it again and I was Tancredo Rizzo, and then I was Ercole Moretti...

It obviously changes often... still funny.