Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The 2 Year Old

Rhys turned 2 on the weekend. We had a small family party with a Curious George theme. He loves Curious George, although just lately the Wiggles seem to have moved up the pecking order. Its quite a laugh hearing him run through all the characters at high speed with his 2 year old "accent"! "Wagsadog, enryapuss (Henry the Octopus), dothyasaur (Dorothy the Dinosaur) etc

He is an adorable child - here are the official things I love about my boy age 2:

  • He is SMART - he is creative and logical in his interaction and play

  • He is FUNNY - a great sense of hunour and a real show-off

  • He is LOVING - lots of nice hugs and kisses

  • He is ADVENTUROUS - fearless in bodyslamming Daddy and climbing anything

  • He is ARTISTIC - loves drawing, painting, dancing and playing music

  • He is an early PRAY-ER - the things he thanks God for are hilarious - last week it was an elephant he saw at the zoo - he most often prays for Isabella and Hannah - and for the new baby

  • He loves to READ - can't get enough of them books!

  • He is a great CONVERSATIONALIST - sometimes I have no idea what he's talking about but we have these wonderfully animated conversations

  • He is STROPPY - his timeout corner is wearing thin on the carpet - but it shows an independent spirit ;)

I could go on - I already have...

Anyways, we put some photos up which you can access from the Jonescam link on the sidebar.


Jim said...

Oh you New Zealander's have some funny language...Stroppy? I had to break out Webster. Also, strange to read today what you wrote tomorrow...say hello to Wednesday for us here stuck in Tuesday.

Rhett said...

Rhys is awesome (we share the first two letters of our name... can you think of any other names that start with an Rh?). In fact he is one of the coolest kids around.

You've got a lot to live up to with the next one, Jones. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I could look at that little boy's photos over and over again -- oh wait a minute, I'm already doing that! Rhys is so adorable!! He is a delight to his papa and granny. I, for one, am thankful Rhys is wearing out his 'timeout' corner -- just goes to show his daddy & mommy love him. Parenting is hard work and you're doing a good job!