Sunday, February 18, 2007

From Nightmare to Dream

It's been a tough week. I decided to check in with my old boss last week, with an eye to a possible future that has me back in bi-vocational land. Within 90 seconds I'd been offered a 2 week (full time) contract. I decided to take it and drop the church work back to half time. They were desperate and so it seemed like the right thing to do. The plan is that it will mean there is more money in the church bank account as a result when I really need to be a one-job man ie when the baby arrives June/July. Anyways, I enjoyed the teaching and the people, but its been one of those express train weeks which I remember with so much fondness from the early days of cessioncommunity (not). Lots of late nights catching up on emails and the things that won't wait.

It was capped off by a strategic planning day which I'd agreed to do for Auckland Habitat affiliate, before the job rearrangement. Can I say with passion, it was the last thing I wanted to do! I was knackered, missing my family and frankly feeling like I would be thoroughly out of depth working with a board of accountants, lawyers and other professionals, plus the office staff and building team supervisors. A truly disparate group and really too large.

But it went well. It was very taxing. But it still went well. So well, that the board chairman offered me another consulting role with another organisation (and he should have known better if I really did a crap job). It got me thinking afterwards about how I once held the dream of doing consulting for organisations - when I started the MBA it was one of those things I hoped would take me out of law. It kinda got lost in the whole "call to becoming a pastor" and I was OK with that. But for a long time, it was my dream and something that spurred me on during my MBA studies.

So while the week itself was a nightmare of sorts, there was something of a restoration of a dream that was a bit unexpected.

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