Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Aussie Bashing

Does it get any better? A blackwash against the Aussies! For those that want to point to an undergunned Aussie team - they managed 2 scores in excess of 300 and both times we chased them down. Its batsmen they've rested (Ponting, Gilchrist, Clarke), not bowlers - OK so Brett Lee was out invalided out before a ball was bowled and today McGrath didn't play but Bond and Vettori were also rested today and Mills is gone with an injury.

The reality is: the Aussie attack is not the same without Shane Warne and with an aging Glen McGrath playing inconsistently. They'll come again, don't worry about that - but for now, its 3-0...go home...

Some kudos for Bracewell: he picked Taylor and Fulton consistently and they are flourishing. He brought McMillan back from the death - he just played his best one day innings for NZ. And give him credit, he hasn't always seen eye to eye with Lou Vincent, but he knew when to bring him back once Astle retired. With its team rested and fit for the world cup, I give NZ an outside chance.

My tip? Sri Lanka.


Rhett said...

I'm just trying to pick a team, and with McMillan doing so well, it's tough!

Here it is though...


I'm so tempted to put McMillan in there, and if Oram was fit, maybe I'd drop Stryris for McMillan. I guess the obvious thing to do if Bracewell wants them both in the team is to drop Fulton... but he's playing so well!

My pick for the World Cup... South Africa. (Unfortunately).

Rhett said...
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Anonymous said...

who do you pick for the semis?

Jonesboy said...

At the moment I agree - McMillan has more form than Styris. Styris does bring the extra bowling option, but with Oram in the side you really have 5 on to it bowlers who you really just have to rely on to get it right.

At the moment for the semis:

Sri Lanka
South Africa
New Zealand

OK so I had to pick us...

I haven't looked at the pool play or anything so have no idea what is realistic...