Monday, October 23, 2006

The End of the Beginning

A big night for cessioncommunity last night as we celebrated a feast of community:

  • The recognition of cessioncommunity as an Established church within the Wesleyan Methodist church
  • The commissioning of our foundation Servant Leaders
  • The Ministerial Licensing of Frank Ritchie

Such a significant time.

I sense that it truly is the end of the beginning. We are no longer a church plant able to trade on the "we're just getting started" thing. We are now the real deal. I believe its time to step up.

Especially the pastor...not because of the "special" in "especially" but because I know I have more to give and I'm not prepared to leave anything on the field, as they say in sporting parlance.

My biggest challenge? To consistently live out of Luke 4:16-21 and be one of the crowd with my eyes "fastened" on Jesus Christ.

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