Thursday, September 21, 2006

For Every Ethical Action There is an Equal and Unethical Reaction

I'm not sure whether there is any truth in this heading or whether it is just an amusing play on words. But I have had much recent cause to ponder the issue of ethics in Christian circles - themes like consistency, integrity have been weaving their way through my life. I have certainly come to speculate whether ethics and character are one - sometimes I think yes and then I wonder about that when I take an ethical position with a force that reflects questionable character!

Maybe its simply another way of saying: "turn the other cheek"?

Anyways I came across
this reflection on Barth which I found helpful. The whole blog is an interesting one and you can access it from my links - and yes this is one of "those" Drury's (son of Keith I believe). I don't think I've met John but I think we stayed in the apartment they lived in for a time in Grand Haven.

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