Friday, September 15, 2006

Final Trip Musings

Our last week was low key, back in Lansing with the in-laws. Concentrated on honing the golfing skills of my long-time Tiger Woods Golf altar ego - Sabre Slash. He is a human golfing version of my cat. He is very cool looking, much cooler than me if you can believe it.

Other features of the final week:

  • A day of catching up - Phil S (Impact) and Ed Love (Epic). Its amazing to see what the Epic plant team has done with their facility. I was covetous.
  • Caught up with Jim W and Mark G for coffee on the same day. Good to see old friends. Bored Jim to death with stories of heinous crap from 2006 (Deurty and Ken - you see what you missed?)
  • I lost count of how many times we ate out that week - breakfasts, lunch, dinner - its a way of life in the US.
  • Lots of family farewells strung out over the whole week. Try not to feel guilty...
  • Picked up some summer slip ons at an end of season sale (one of the advantages of living a split hemisphere existence)
  • Realised what a hole LA airport really is by going via San Francisco - I couldn't believe the difference - foodhalls galore and a virtual museum in one of the main thoroughfares!
  • Saw Michael Franti and Spearhead on the plane from San Francisco to Sydney (finally I have a musical namedropping story to equal Rhett). Some of the band thought Rhys was cute. Should I say that Mr Franti (and his no shoes) was seen in first class. He redeemed his egalitarian self by slumming it in cattle class for the Sydney-Auckland leg (playing tonight at the St James).

Home after a 30 hour plus flight. Its good to be back.


Steve Goble said...

30 hours?! Which way were you travelling - via the Mir space station?

Anonymous said...

Don't feel guilty--do what you've been called to do! A wise person once sang, "Life is just too short." :) (But be sure to visit your son's grandparents often!)
- US Mom

BJ said...

Lansing - Chicago - San Francisco - Sydbey - Auckland

We saved about a K doing it that way...

I said I was trying!

Ken said...

Yeah, thanks for the call on Thursday, Jonesboy. Oh wait, my phone NEVER RANG! Deurty and I will just have to hang out without you for awhile, I guess.

Glad you had a good visit, even if it didn't include ME!

BJ said...

Oh please! You were free WHEN?