Thursday, June 15, 2006

Power Cuts Rule OK?

So because of Mondays big power outage here, Jean's cheffing assessment got moved, which meant that the original consumers of the assessment we compowelled to be at work, which meant that the Jones family could come off the bench to turn in a sterling late second half performance...

It was verrrrry good! I was a littled overwhelmed by the menu:

  • We started with vension in a soup - I couldn't pronounce the name properly, so I improvised, "I think I'll call him...Bambi..."
  • Then there was salmon but it was like nothing I've ever had out of a can...
  • I was worried bout the main because the menu said it was "Poison" but it turned out to be a baby chicken (spot the culinary infanticide theme)
  • The icecream was made with beans but it looked just like regular ice cream - I guess I was thinking it would be a hokey pokey kind of experience except with beans - but it wasn't even green...

So 2 thumbs up to Jean for such a great job and 3 thumbs up to Transpower for making it all possible.


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