Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Da Vinci Code "Code"

So I went to the see The Da Vinci Code last night. I somewhat enjoyed it - I suspect the book is a little more believable, otherwise I'm afraid I don't see what the fuss is all about.

What was most interesting was the Da Vinci Code Code. These are small hints during the movie that help us unravel some really important truths:

  • Finally, we are all wiser about what monks really wear under their cassocks
  • Oh the irony that the last living relative of Jesus, doesn't believe in God! "I believe in people and that they can sometimes be kind". Now, there's a mantra to live by!
  • Robert Langdon is not as smart as he seems: "Sophie: Do you have eidectic[photographic] memory? Robert: Not really, I just remember most of what I see [translation: I have eidectic memory]."
  • Always beware of albinos and other strange people - they are inevitably murderers and religious psychos - remember Blade Runner?!
  • The disciple John was obviously late getting to the Last Supper - count the
    other disciples in Da Vinci's "Last Supper"
  • Is it just me or is "Leigh Teabing" a really odd name? Or does it have something to do with the fact that Richard LEIGH and Michael BAIGENT (try rearranging the letters and see what happens) wrote the original conspiracy theory: Holy Blood, Holy Grail????!!!
  • I get that Club Med would normally be a great honeymoon destination for a happy couple, but why would two Jews head for pagan Gaul with their Aramaic:French phrase book to make a fresh start? I can't see Asterix and Obelix being that welcoming (or that eager to induct them into the royal family?)
  • Leaving aside whether it impacts Jesus' divinity or not, you just know his great, great, great...granddaughter would be truly divine!
  • Speaking of Sophie, the French Jew, why did her French faux grandfather, Sauniere, leave her anagram clues in ENGLISH - was this to stop the French police from catching on or is this another example of so dark the con of man
  • However, the most biting commentary of them all was from Tom Hanks. Clearly, this was a personal statement from the man himself on the efficacy of the whole Da Vinci Code conspiracy. I refer of course to his Mickey Mouse watch! Strange but true...

Anyways, I give the movie, as a piece of film, 4/10. It was better than Highlander III (2/10) but not as good as most movies I've seen in the genre. Now the big question: should I read the book?


onscreen said...

That sounds vaguely familiar to something I’ve just posted on my blog…

BJ said...

Does this mean I've been syndicated?

onscreen said...

Ripped of would be the term I'd use...

BJ said...

Ah, the immorality of the internet..

Steve said...

The Mickey Mouse watch is worn by Langdon in the book, and it gives the character time to go into how Walt Disney, and evidently every animator since then, has hidden DaVinciesque tributes to the sacred feminine.

I haven't seen the movie, but I've heard they toned down a lot of the controversial stuff. And the book definitely gets ridiculous. As someone who doesn't read a whole lot of fiction, I really enjoyed it. It's brain candy/junk food.

onscreen said...

Popcorn for the brain.