Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ten Reasons Why One Year Olds Rule!

1. Ruling is what they do BEST!
2. They still know how to play
3. Finally, they can walk places!
4. They sleep through the night
5. They think you're hilarious and not at all embarassing
6. They rattle the stair gate when they hear you arrive home and yell, "Dada!"
7. They hold their own bottle
8. Increasing their word power really means something
9. Eating is a full-contact sport

But the number one reason why 1 year olds rule is:

10. They don't know you're stealing their Easter Eggs!


Rhett said...

That is sooooo cute.

Good to have you back by the way.

Life FM Caller said...

It's funny how 8 out of those also apply to Frankie...

Steve Goble said...

No wonder your picture is of Elmer Fudd - when it comes to Easter, you are the anti-bunny! :)

Ryan & Angele said...

He is getting big! We really mis you guys. We think and talk about you all of the time. How are things?