Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Censorship or Cents-Ore-Chips?

I am not really someone who is concerned by "issues", but I find idiocy sometimes provokes me. To explain: Why is it that Helen Clarke ("Alpha" Prime Minister) and Lyndsay Freer (Catholics PR Spin Doctor) can't understand the satire that lies behind the controversial screening of the "Bloody Mary" Southpark episode.

Lets start with Helen who is offended as a woman but finds it hard to muster any defence for those whose religious sensibilities are offended. Is Helen really that dumb? Or is it rather that she cannot afford to understand the satire, because to do so would require her to defend a religious tolerance that she is systematically dismantling in New Zealand?

The satire is quite simply (being a simple man) aimed at Catholic religious practices regarding relics, in particular the "weeping" or "bleeding" statues examples. Southpark thinks they're fakes so its a good laugh. In this example, the Virgin Mary statue is bleeding. The Pope declares it is menstruation. And the statue bleeds even more in response including on the Pope.

Which makes me wonder why Lyndsay Freer is also playing dumb about what the satire really means. Shouldn't she identify the satire and claim it as religious intolerance? Hmmm. I've always thought it was "nice" that the Catholics spokesman is a sheila.

Perhaps, the real problem is this: the satire is not really about relics at all. Perhaps its about Catholicism's conservative views regarding women? Perhaps its about a papacy that denigrates women and in referring to menstruation is painted as reducing them to mere breeding stock (remember the no contraception rule) and couldn't possibly consider this statue to be the source of a miracle? Perhaps Mary is getting back at the Pope?

So that would make it profeminist...

Best not to try to understand these things.


BJ said...

I was feeeling better having vented - until the latest Helen Clarke sound bite: now Helen doesn't think it was funny. Um, Helen, I know you're a smart woman, but satire isn't always funny. Just cos its a cartoon doesn't mean its Tom and Jerry...

Is it just me or do others find that cartoon somewhat homoerotic?

servant said...

The strangest thing is Freer saying she's a South Park fan.

I don't get it.... how can someone say she's a fan when they have poked fun at God, Jesus, Christian music, Jews, Muslims, Satanists, Politicians, Homosexuals etc... and get mad when they poke fun at a statue of Mary?

She obviously missed the episode with the woodlands animals at Christmas who were trying to birth the antichrist in a satanic manger and could only be stopped by some mountaincat cubs learning how to administer abortions and then giving one of the posessed jewish boys an abortion through his rear end to remove the antichrist.

That episode included a cussing Santa who pulled out a shotgun and graphically blew away all of the woodlands animals.

Where's the priorities?

servant said...

The difference is, the woodlands antichrist episode only had the usual audience of 30,000 because nobody made a fuss about it. The Mary episode (a whole lot less offensive) had over 200,000 viewers because the church kicked up a stink.... why didn't they do it with the other episode?