Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Weekend That Was

In so many ways the weekend just past, was an awesome start to the new year:

> Our first Oversight Group meeting of the year was a stimulating and efficient time together. This group is really shaping up well and speaking with wisdom and decisiveness into my own ministry. I appreciate that so much.

> Our combined Oversight Group cessioncore retreat was energising and stretching as we contemplated what it would mean for us to more consciously understand ourselves as a movement.

> Our cessioncore Operations meeting was a great next step for us in gaining new focus around a more operational focus.

> Sunday evening was a sweet time where a bunch of people got prayed for - responding to Jesus as King...a wonderfully subversive powerpoint opener from Dave was a personal highlight!

> Getting to hang out with different people I have seen for a while. Nice.

> Rhett and Sarah made an appearance. Rhett was smiling. can't think why?

Anyways, its lunch time which means watching the latest LOTR Extended Version Appendice Disc Documentary - a total of 12 DVD's across the 3 movies...does it get any better?



servant said...

New template looks cool. The text of the posts just needs to fit into the lighter area, it's hard to read once it gets into the blue.

Well done on getting it to this point dude! Sounds like it was a nightmare.

servant said...

much better. Cheers big guy

BJ said...

Actually, this template was a lot more straightforward for text editing than my last one...I think i finally have it how I want it...

Jaclob said...

hey BJ,

Which family member hooked you up in the end???

BJ said...

My sis'

jeanie said...

i'm missing ur fri poetry!

Arkay said...

Long time no see...just wanted to let you know...I like the new look...good to see you and the wife and kid are doing fine..they grow faster than weeds!!!