Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Sunday night was cool. Part 2 of "The Great Omission". A Mum, an aircraft engineer, a pastor/missionary and a speech therapist/volunteer shared about their mission/purpose in life. We then had an "unplugged" worship singing slot with stations for prayer/reflection and communion. Had a nice feel and with the dream team on vocals it sounded awesome. Piano player was a bit "off" - actually I think one of the guitars was just a touch out of tune and it put me off a little. Less was more. Check out Jean's blog for the inside story.

We had our our second community gathering for the year with a great turnout I thought (based on past apathy). Some good questions. I've yet to find my own style for these times. I want to be visionary and lead well. But I don't want to come off like a dickhead charlaton. It was cool at the end to see the whole room praying for our future. It has also been cool to receive 4 excellent nominations since then for our Oversight Group.

Yesterday saw a convergence: the sale of our house and the purchase of our new apartment both became unconditional on the same day! Its been something of a roller coaster ride these past 10 days since we listed the house with agents. We found ourselves in 3 multiple offer situations, the last of which was successful. The effect the "competition" had on the price was that we got our asking price! Thats fairly rare...

The irony is that the people who bought the place contacted us because of the ad WE put on the internet before we listed it! But we would never have got that price but for the competing offer that one of the other agents brought. So while we have to pay commission we got the money we were after and in good time too.

We went to the apartment yesterday for a final viewing before going unconditional. It had grown in our head. But never mind it will be a good next step. You'll see from the picture its cute - a Mediterranean feel. We are having second thoughts about converting the garage space back to a garage - it is such a usable room as it is and we'd likely have to remove the false ceiling if we reinstalled the garage door motor and rails.

So, we're at the point of no return. We've both admitted to a few tears already and I'm sure there'll be a few more. This house has so many memories packed into its 4 years. And yet, there has been a discernible "hand of God" in all this that encourages us to stay positive and look forward to this new chapter. Better have some parties I think to send the place off in style!

Time to head off - I'm moonlighting this morning - my brother in law has employed me as a script writer for a safety video he is shooting for a large corporate. I got him the opportunity to pitch for it through a contact and he very kindly hooked me up to write the script. So, off for a site meeting. The cash will mean that we have the missing $$$'s on the hospital bill - not that we've heard anything for weeks since my assertively drafted counter missive was dispatched!


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