Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Yeah, so it been a while...random rememberings and ramblings...

> We bought a house. Well thats not exactly true. We bought an apartment. Well thats not exactly true. We have signed an agreement - its conditional on selling our existing house and a few other details. Its a 2 bedroom apartment with 2 offices downstairs and a double garage which is carpeted, lined etc which can serve as a seminar room, party space etc (and a garage). We're hoping that the decreased mortgage and the usable space will be a boost for the church going forward and take some financial weight off us.

> Rhys is 6 months on Friday. We have lots of fun. I like being a Dad. I was reflecting this week on my advanced age and how for most of my adult life the dream of being a Dad seemed improbable. Its nice to be proved wrong. eAGHY00HYUJ. That was Rhys!

> I finally discovered why George Bush is responsible for New Orleans. It took a while for some to appreciate that he didn't actually create the hurricane. Still more time for others to realise the federal government is not responsible for state emergency plans. Some were surprised to discover that George did not order the packraping of women in the Convention Centre. And then the final revelation: he did not exercise mind control over those who chose to stay.

But. He still hasn't signed the Kyoto protocal. Finally nailed him.

> I did some surreal things this past week. I chaired an electoral forum in our area. Richard loves to make me do that crap. I know, I know its socially responsible. Bla bla bla. I hung out with Frank Ritchie in the Green Room on Sunday night - this was cool, being in a radio studio while live talkback is going on. I emailed him (across the desk) my deep comments. I went to the National Heads of Churches Meeting in Wellington. This continues to be a weird experience hobnobbing with the heads of the various churches. The discussions are generally interesting even if we often end up falling prey to the lowest common denomination.

> Its our natioanl elections this week. Its a case of voting for the least detrimental alternative: Labour introduced gay marriage and legalised prostitution. National is racist. The Greens want to legalise dope smoking and gay adoption. NZ First are led by a megalomaniac. ACT is THE greed party. United Future is the slut party - they'll go with anyone. Destiny has no destiny. Alliance is PC rubbish. Now maybe if I'd said this at the Election forum it would have been more interesting!

> cession's path to becoming an Established church is now in place. Feels good. More to follow.

Right. I'm off.


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