Sunday, July 03, 2005


It's 3 years ago today that my wife Claire died. Went to the beach this morning where we were married and where her ashes were scattered. Took Rhys with me while Kristen went to church @ ECW. Its important to me that he gets to meet "Aunty" Claire. He listened attentively...Anyways, some poetry from that time:

From Claire…to You

We can choose to thrash through life’s pathways
Breaking, destroying, leaving life in an un-mendable state
Or we can walk too lightly that no imprint is left,
No piece of personality remains,
No difference made to the world or others.

Instead, on our special day with our Maker
Take his hand,
And point to your chosen pathway
Tell Him how faith, hope and love dominated all
And that above all else,
You are content with what, together, you have achieved

Claire Jones
June 2002


At journey’s end
What legacy remains?
A life of love refined,
Fear overcome and disability refused.
And in death’s insistence,
Opportunity speaks of new life.
Yet choice remains,
For those who remain.
Whether to see
Or choose a dangerously safer blindness
To your essence and what lay behind.
As for me,
You remain forever in my heart.
You taught me how to love,
And I shall indeed.

Brett Jones
July 2002

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