Saturday, May 14, 2005

Leave Pass

Last night was fun. Headed out for dinner and a beer at the local with good friend Grant. Caught a very goooood band and watched a couple of good games in the final round of the Super 12 (rugby). The place was packed.

It was necessary as home was invaded by women - Kristen hosting a birthday for one of the women in our Life Cell. Grant was late so by the time I left I had to walk out through the gathered female hoard. The estrogen was so overpowering I felt this sudden desire to go shopping and talk about my friends behind their backs...

The Pub we went to is a stones throw away from where we meet on Sunday nights as a church community. The night out prodded me to continue thinking about how we can identify and interface more closely with the immediate community. I've been reflecting on this quite a bit lately. Its not that I feel this is out of my comfort zone - its more that I don't want to do stuff that is cheesy, flakey Christianity that will simply harden people. I want to know that whatever we do, and more particularly what I might do will be effective and productive. I'm particularly thinking about how we can have a presence in the wider shopping mall which is really THE focus in this new community. Still reflecting.

Big day today - I did take my day off yesterday but spent most of it working on an assignment (did a theological response to The Truman Show). Today I need to crank out some stuff for Sunday that just didn't get done. Hate that. Having some people over tonight for dinner. Should be interesting as a few of them are fringe community people.


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