Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Week That Was...

This week brought to an end a wonderful 6 weeks with Kristen's parents. A few tears were shed at the airport, but the good kind. What a great time we had for just those few weeks. A real injection of support for us at a critical time and a lot of fun besides.

Chris asked me on Messenger this morning whether I was glad to have the house back! There are some good things - Rhys has his own room now and pretty much slept through the night last night - translation: so did his parents! The pre eminence of the baby means that my office has been moved - but this I am enjoying - I think I may have got the better end of the deal after all! Especially now I'm back online and all. Most of all its good to know that we can cope and that actually you're more "in control" when you have to take all of the responsibility. Happily abdicating responsibility to doting grandparents is great but you do lose a sense of where the baby is at and what he needs. So the consistency is helping me at least feel like we're able to do an OK job.

Sunday was awesome - we broke 100! It was Rhys' dedication and we had invited a few people plus the usual walk up crowd. A good night bringing the Beatitudes to a close. I tried to be Rob Bell by washing this towel in a bucket while I spoke on "blessed are the poor in spirit" - its harder than it looks!

This week we have cafe at cession. Plus a team from Shore Grace are coming to take the service on the morning - so its a week off! Nice.

Cell Group tonight starting the Three Colours of Ministry. Looking forward to it. And its just 2 mins away so I'd better scoot...


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