Thursday, December 23, 2004

Something Old, Something New

Tonight we celebrated Christmas Eve its not a typo but rather a transplanted Hinterman family tradition now retreaded for NZ conditions. Kristen's family would celebrate Christmas Eve Eve together on the 23rd because they knew: first, that they'd be traveling on Christmas Eve and second, that the general mayhem of an extended family Christmas Day would overshadow some time together as a nuclear they would eat pizza and drink chocolate malts made by Papa Chris on a malt maker brought over on the Mayflower, while watching (sappy) Christmas movies...followed by the unwrapping of presents on Christmas Eve morning...

So, this year (tonight actually) we ran our own version with my late wife's sister, husband and kids - we remain very close and the family has formed their own unique and warm relationship with Kristen. But, we won't be spending tome on Christmas Day...thus Christmas Eve Eve! We ate superb homemade pizza - onions, mushrooms, olives, ham, shrimp with just the right dash of chilli and seasoned with black pepper and basil...followed by chocolate milkshakes and homemade jam tarts...we watched Elf on DVD - I rigged up a big screen and made the kids line up with their tickets...stole the church's projector and we were away! Then presents! Great fun.

Anyways, bed time now - I have all these new gadgets to play with - more on that tomorrow!


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