Friday, December 31, 2004

Lazy Week

Nice week on the home front - just hanging...doing all those things I mean to spend time doing - going to the gym, cleaning out filing cabinets, reading, emptying cupboards, watching DVD's (we set up our lounge as a cinema with the church projector!)...its been good. Wednesday we bought cheap baby furniture (unpainted) and then some we spent the afternoon applying the first coat. Then I went out on the street and erected a white picket fence...nah...but the day is fast approaching...looking forward to it.

Caught up with Jacob and Melissa on Tuesday - they came for lunch and stayed for dinner! Playing scattergories and Mexican train (dominoes). Nice times. Frank and Melva came over last night and we played Lord of the Rings Risk (The Trilogy Edition). Melva won. By a long way. The analyst in me couldn't help but be impressed by the way she went about it. Very clear goals which she played consistently to...then watched Antone Fisher which was a good watch...enjoying getting to know this couple...tonight we're celebrating New Year at the home of 2 couples from the cessionIcommunity who have moved into this large house together. Should be fun!

I've been a good boy and not worked all week, but have been left holding the baby for this Sunday morning's service so I'm gonna have to organise and execute it. No worship leaders, sound techs, projectionists etc. So its gonna be a non singing, intercessory focussed effort - shouldn't be too hard to find something to pray for...just a tad resentful that everyone else gets to take their holidays...need to get over always...

Speaking of which, not sure what to think about the whole tsunami thing. I've stayed at Patong Beach on Phuket Island, Thailand. Walked on the beach. But I find myself somewhat unaffected at any deep level by the whole thing. Even vaguely annoyed the Sri Lankan cricket team have cancelled their tour and gone home. We'll give to the relief fund, I'll pray, I'll remind people that more than 10 times the people have died than died on 9/11 but my heart is not broken the way I guess God's would be. Interesting theological issue: is God's heart broken by things that are indirectly caused by the laws of nature he put in place?

Still pondering,


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