Monday, December 20, 2004

Counting Down

Its countdown week...Christmas Eve service @ cession this week - the last in our "Which Fork Should I Use?" series. Plus a Christmas Day service @ ECW which is my job to organise...need to do something creative as we usually get a walk up crowd...have to roll out the carols as well...I hate carols...I am the Christmas Grinch...

And then its holiday time - probably 2 weeks. Have to say I'm looking forward to a recharge of the batteries. No plans as yet but keen to make the most of the break.

Fun night last night @ cession. Highlight(!) of the evening was the kids...we've been doing this thing in the gathering having the Christmas story read around the Christmas tree, but this week we also had the kids come do a song they've been practising - the service was called "Gifts For Jesus", the idea being that people would bring gifts for Jesus, in this case a song. Well, you know what they say about working with children and this case it was children singing a song ABOUT animals - 2 of the young boys took off underneath the staging during the song! A hapless parent pursued them...only to have one of them emerge with a cheeky grin from the other side. Hilarious. Almost as funny was the wrong lapel mike being turned on and the voice of "Mrs Kristen" coming through from back in kids, "Mrs Kristen will use the glue"! Melissa, who was about to speak, was very funny in reply, "We'd better switch that lapel mike off before we hear Mrs Kristen ask for the scissors..."

The joy of giving.

I got to play with this evil looking pitchfork as I did my recurring "forks" meditation around Advent. I have just about used up every meaning I have in my brain around the word forks - in the road, as in chess, as in cutlery, as found on a bicycle, as in the branches of a tree, as used for toasting marshmellows, as used for spear fishing (trident), a tuning fork, the pitchfork...any donations for week 4 would be gratefully received especially as it relates to Jesus! I am the fork of life...

Anyways, time to stock the pantry for the onslaught. Actually, maybe I should just buy in salad. Either that or book in for liposuction. Nobody warned me about the sympathetic pregnancy...


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