Saturday, October 23, 2004

Saturday Morning Peace...

I like the relative peace of Saturday mornings. And never more so than this week: its been a long slog! Class went well - nice people generally. I will fail 2 of them on their preparation for the negotiation but they do get a chance to resubmit so they'll be OK. I was driving home last night and realised how relieved I was that the week was over. And here's the thing: its not actually. Today will be filled with message writing, service planning, planning and having the cessionlcore team meeting, Conference worship team practice and preparing materials for next week's Conference (all the things that got pushed aside by the other job). But the difference is the focus of the activity: I just love doing what I am doing vocationally! And as much as I "enjoy" the teaching for its focus on people and downloading of skills, I just can't get as excited about it.

Somehow we have enjoyed some nice time with people this week. Yesterday I raced home between assessments for a 2 hour brunch with a new couple in the process of joining the community. He is a deep thinking radio DJ (they do exist); She is a former youth staffer and Mercy Missions volunteer. They'll be at the Plugging In seminar on Sunday. Cool couple. We had dinner with our Children's Ministry leaders on Thursday - was a lot of fun and we got some work done! The ministry is taking shape: working names, for nursery "L'il Lambs" for kids, "Kids Encounter"...Last night we had Melissa and Jacob over. Good time for us to just hang together - and stuff comes up that just doesn't make it to the table in more formal meetings. It was good fun. Tonight is the National Provincial Champs Final for rugby. So we have a few friends coming round for traditional steak sandwiches. Nice.

This week will be full-on with Conference looming. Our first international guest arrives on Monday morning @ 6-something am! The venerable Steve Deur will be arriving on Wednesday to conduct some rabble rousing! Can't wait for you to roll up Steve: there are a number of very important cultural experiences waiting for you! The Burger Fuel exerience is a must. The last US visitor I took there left swearing that it was the best burger he ever had. Then there's this nastly little Thai takeway that you're gonna love...

Alright, the day calls. Oh a funny thing. I mentioned that there was talk of me being nominated for National Secretary: well it happened. The funny thing? At this stage I am the only nominee. So I have a good chance! Actually there are some interesting votes looming on some roles - a good sign that the church is maturing enough to have mulitple nominations for some roles.


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