Monday, May 31, 2004

Pentecost Revisited

This Sunday we celebrated Pentecost. By "we" I mean the ECW cluster of churches including ECW 10am (I'm the worship pastor), 2pm Mandarin and the cession|community. The place was packed out. Following the message (titled in an understated way "We Need the Holy Spirit"), around 50 people responded to a call to be filled with the HS. The area in front of the platform was strewn with praying, kneeling, weeping people. Good times.

We changed the time to 4pm to bridge the 3 different congregations into one time - so for the first time I experienced the (nearly) cession timeslot as others do - without the morning rush! It only reinforced to me - evening church is the way to go! Relaxed family time in the morning leading to a meal and worship in the evening. The rhythm suits me!

My mother came - second week in a row. She's virtually a regular.

Saw Kill Bill 2 on the weekend. Really was a very good movie. Its almost a shame you have to see Kill Bill 1 in order to get to the better half of the thing. Check out the "5 Step Heart Explosion" and keep an eye on the eye... Am I sick because I enjoy Tarentino movies? I own a copy of Pulp Fiction and saw Reservoir Dogs before it was fashionable... I bet actors like Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs and Kill Bill), Uma Thuman (Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill) love QT - they always seem to turn up in his movies...he must be more than a deluded sicko?

Is there ANY connection between my thoughts today?


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