Thursday, May 06, 2004

Back to Basics... the name of the Life Group that we started tonight with 8 people from the cession|community who are newly following Christ or wanting to recommit their lives to Him in a deeper way. It was a great time of sharing and learning. We talked about the goal of spiritual life - John 15 stuff - remaining in Christ and bearing fruit - leaning into the training (1Cor 9) v trying stuff that Ortberg is so good on. For me it was a chance to put into play some of the things I have been learning about how we grow spiritually - with a group of brand new Christians. I think it went really well - well Kristen did - so I'll go along with that. Lots of sharing and affirmation - some of these people are like so into God they are learning a heap by just living a whole-of-life Christianity. Long may it continue - some of the time it was more a matter of validating what's already happening for them than attempting to teach them anything! Dropped one of the guys home afterwards - he is a lonely guy dealing with some heavy stuff in his life and trying to get the next step in following Jesus - he said to me during the drive, "it was just cool to spend time with some new people and get to know them" The power of community...

Had a relatively productive day today - storyboarded a video that I'm excited about for the final week in our series "CloseUp:" Now I've just got to find the resource to get it done...wish that I could do more with the whole video thing but don't have the time to specialise like that right now. I know I'd enjoy it...

Booked tickets today for a trip to the US - going to take in a few conferences as well as see family - Kristen is coming as well - 14 June - 1 July...looking forward to catching up with the crew at Watermark and Spring Lake as well as other buddies around West Michigan.

Tomorrow is my sabbath - I have to pretend a little because I have a non church job that I have to keep up with but its at least a church free day and a chance to spend time with Kristen. Did I mention we have found a great new pattern for our couples devotions - we have turned the TV off during dinner - moved into the dining room - the time and space to talk and then move into our devotions has proved to be very rich for us. Plus its a good pattern for us to build on in the future with family. I like God.

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